About Us


Inspira means to "breathe into", when I think of inspira I think of the first breath of life. The magical moment a baby takes their first breath or the first breath after running a marathon or the moment of absolute pure, true happiness.

Moments that excite or inspire us to live life in a way, to constantly search out the miracles within our world and contribute to a community where we live fully devoted and fully inspired.

Clothing Accessories

At Inspira Clo, we believe that accessories make the outfit and sometimes we reuse dresses but we accessorize it differently. Which is the true meaning of reinvention and reusing sustainable fashion.

Clothing accessories can make a statement, be bold or be simple and elegant. Dress up some sweat pants with some big hoops and multiple necklaces, you have an early 2000s hip hop throwback outfit. Maybe you have a timeless black dress used for countless events, but dress it with a bold colour scarf and big flower hair piece, and suddenly you have a New York City, Gossip girl look.

Simple. Powerful. Bold.

We are finally adding more clothing pieces to our store.

  • Return Policy

    We have a 2 week return policy , if you have any questions or concerns please contact us directly.

  • Washing Instructions

    For scarves please wash on a low or gentle cycle / hand wash with warm water and allow for air dry.

  • Other questions

    Please contact us directly below for any further questions or concerns. Thank you in advance.

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