Welcome Inspira Clo Community.

Welcome Inspira Clo Community.

If you are reading this, welcome to the community and thank you for being here. 

if you do not know me yet, my name is Kirsty, the person on all the Instagram's pictures, well that's me. I was born and raised in Sunny South Africa, and no I have never ridden a lion to school, but I often play with our pet monkeys in the backyard... (that's a joke). Some people did have pet monkey's though but the majority of monkeys are wild and will steal any food in your house if you leave your windows opens. 

I am full of jokes, sarcastic humor and I laugh at everything including myself. I live and breath in Vancouver, BC currently, with the inflation crisis who know for how long. I lived on Vancouver Island for 2 years in Nanaimo while attending university, absolutely loved it. I'm a small town kinda girl, with eyes for the stars and the skies.

So I could tell you everything about myself but I'm sure you will find out as we go, so I hope you stick around to keep up with the madness I call life. When I say madness, I really mean, work, fashion, accessories, music, family and friends, wedding/ marriage and of course, wine... 

About Inspira Clo, I just wanted to create something that I can give back, inspire others and a community where people inspire each other, and live the life that they truly love. May we find hope, may we be hope and may we share the hope, for our families, friends, communities and generations that comes after us. 

Come along on this adventure and see where life takes us, follow our Instagram and Facebook page below and tell your friends and family, or even subscribe to start living and feeling inspired every day.

With all my love, 

K <3


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